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ICJ Canada holds its Annual Meeting

On May 28, members of ICJ Canada had the opportunity to participate in our annual meeting, held in Ottawa.  Members unable to attend were able to join the meeting by conference call.

ICJC President Errol Mendes delivered his President’s report, highlighting the considerable achievements in the first part of the year, including the transition to a new office, and the initiation of several new activities and events across Canada.  He also thanked Board members Raj Anand, John Campion, David Wake, Jane O’Neill and Michael Gottheil, who would be leaving the Board, for their contributions to the organization; and welcomed the skills and expertise that the new slate of Board members would bring. The new members are Chantal Bernier, the Hon. Pierre Dalphond and Jennifer Egsgard.

Members also received a program update about the exciting new activities being spearheaded by regional VPs, heard about the potential integration of our new activities with ICJ Geneva, and were given a detailed Financial and membership report by our Secretary-Treasurer, Robin Sully.

Overall, the meeting was an excellent occasion for members to learn more about ICJ Canada’s status and activities, participate in our organization’s governance, and connect with each other.